Sunday 20 January 2019

Three Myths That We are Taught to Believe About Cluster B Personality Types ― by Luminousz Ztar

Three Myths That We are Taught to Believe About Cluster B Personality Types

"There are many cluster B personality types who engage in diabolical tactics that some might not believe anyone would do on purpose. However; for cluster B personality types, the purpose of engaging in diabolical tactics, while pulling various shenanigans, is survival. The very act of setting traps in order to entice and ensnare targeted prey for various sources of narcissistic supply, is nothing short of intentional. Ironically, one of the myths that we are taught to believe about cluster B personality types, is that he or she did not mean to do what they did to harm others for narcissistic supply.

There are some highly Intuitive and intuitive empaths who seem to find the concept that anyone, yet alone cluster B personality types, to be capable of intentionally harming others for any reason. Empaths are notorious for having the capacity to feel the energy and or emotions of others around him or her. Energy vampires such as cluster B personality types, are drawn to empaths for this reason alone. This does not mean that empaths are doomed to feel drained for the rest of their lives. Certain mythbusters about cluster b personality types, might prove to become game changers for him or her.

Cluster B personality types have three fundamental characteristics:


― Luminousz Ztar


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